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Acoustic survey of the diurnal bird population in the Rimutaka Forest Park

In December of 2015 the Trust deployed acoustic recorders at 75 sites in the Rimutaka Forest Park, in order to estimate the relative abundance of diurnal bird species. This was the first time such a comprehensive survey of day birds had been carried out in our region. We followed the counting protocol used by researchers at Victoria University of Wellington. (More...)

Read the full report here: Report: Acoustic Monitoring - RFPT

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Latest Trap Network Map

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Annual Reports - RFPT

Tracking Tunnels Deployment Slide Show

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Footprint Identification Guide

Click here to download a Short Guide to Tracking Tunnel footprints by Dale Williams and Craig Gillies - Department of Conservation (DoC)

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Restoration Day 2008
Slide Show

Click here to download the slide show entitled "Websites for Conservation Groups" presented at Victoria University on Saturday, 3rd May as part of DoC's Restoration Day programme. (PowerPoint .ppt 1.9mb)