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Matamua's Album

This is where we will be featuring the latest photos and stories about our Firstborn chick, Matamua.

 Matamua's album will continue to grow over time, we hope!

If YOU have a great photo of Matamua that you'd like to share with the rest of the world, please send it to me, webmaster@rimutakatrust.org.nz  and I'll pop it on the website for you with appropriate attribution.

Eventually, this Gallery will include all his baby photos taken so far to date and the like!

Here, for instance, is the earliest known photo of Matamua:

Matamua's mother, Manaia laid this egg which was incubated by his father, Waikiwianui

Now that he is in the wild, the opportunities to photograph him will understandably become fewer. Who knows, though? Perhaps in the future, we'll be featuring some of his offspring  in this album!!